Flood Canvas Entries!

Vagabon wants to see how Flood inspires you. Create & submit your own short video clip, animation, animated artwork or animated photo. Vagabon will select her favorite submissions and each one will be featured as the official Flood Spotify canvas for a period of time. One lucky entry will get a prize pack.

Vagabon’s friend and creative comrade Sasami has kicked it off by creating her own Flood canvas, which you can view right now on Spotify (you’ll need to be listening to the song on your smartphone). Check out her canvas and then get inspired to make your own. Can’t wait to see what you create!

Once you’ve created your own canvas, please send your submission to flood@gmail.com

What is a Spotify Canvas?

Spotify Canvas is a visual that appears in the Now Playing View on your smartphone in place of album or track artwork. Canvasses play as an 8-second visual loop and can be anything from a short video clip to a fully animated drawing, just be sure to follow the guidelines below.

Canvas Specs

Canvases should be uploaded in a vertical format to completely fill a smartphone’s screen.
Canvas Ratio 9:16
Canvas Height Min: 720px
Canvas Length Min: 3 secs, Max, 8 secs
File Format MP4, without audio